Nature 36

Beau Bork

March 29, 2008 ~ May 26, 2021 (age 13)


Beau's story starts on March 29, 2017. I found him on Craigslist in the free section.  He lived in Pullman, WA. The people who owned him were giving him up because their 3 year old little boy was not very good to him.  His owner was pregnant with twins. She told me she had Beau ever since he was 8 weeks old, but she couldn't do it anymore with how her son was treating him. They wanted to make sure Beau was going to a loving home. 

Misty wanted a Dachshund of her own so badly ever since she had got Katie, my dog, for me.  So when I found him I immediately emailed her the link to the Craigslist add. She was on the road working and she called me not very long after I sent her the email. She didn't know what I had sent, so I told her to look at the email and call me back. She was so excited about him!

So on April 2nd, Katie and I headed out for Pullman. We got back to Sumpter at 1 a.m. on the Monday morning of April 3. It took Beau a couple of days to get used to his new home, but he adjusted really well. He got lots of love and affection. He was such a sweet boy and had such a great personality.

When we would go into the mountains, he loved to sit on Misty's lap and hang his paws on top of the door panel of the pick-up. He would really enjoy when I would pull up next to a Red Fir sapling so he could attack it.  It was so funny because he would bite a branch and then use all 4 of his paws and legs against the door panel as he would try with everything he had to pull the whole tree into the pickup with us. He loved going into the mountains. We always took him, Katie and Willow.  He taught Willow how to attack the trees but unlike Beau, Willow preferred the moving targets which eventually got Beau to do that also.  No tree was really safe from those two.

Beau got really mad at Misty the same year on our anniversary.  She put him in the bed on the center console of the truck and rolled up the window because it had got dark and we couldn't see if anything would be behind the trees along the edge of the road.  We didn't want anything attacking him. Beau got mad at her and let out an irritated squeal and a healthy disapproval huff through his nose.  I laughed so hard about that.  Misty picked him up and held him in her arms. She told him as she looked into his eyes, how much she loved him and explained how much he meant to her and that if some animal attacked him while he was getting his tree and got hurt or worse that she would be devastated, but that he could attack more trees the next day when it was safe. 

When Misty would come home from work each day Beau would be on the back of my recliner which was his favorite place.  I would tell him, "your mama is home", he would get so excited when she came into the house that he would squeal at her.  She loved that so much.  Misty told me that when she had a bad day at work she really looked forward to seeing him because it just made her day to hear him squeal at her. 

Every spring when the mushrooms began to grow we would spend days off with the dogs picking mushrooms. Beau loved it, he was so good and fearless. He would trek over anything on the forest floor. Later in the summer when the huckleberry's would start to grow we again would load up the dogs and go picking. Beau was a professional huckleberry picker. He would cruise up to a huckleberry bush and eat berry's right off of it. It made me laugh.  I would tell him that he needed to save some for the rest of us.

Since I work from my shop at home I was with Beau everyday since I went to Pullman and got him.  I took Beau with me anytime I left the house whether it was just down to the gas station or to check the mail. He and his sisters went with me too and he loved to go for a ride. 

Yesterday was a terrible ride home after he started having seizures outside of Crane. They progressively got worse and soon he was in a lot of pain and started barking and cried. I drove as fast as I could to get to the vet in Baker. I feel horrible for putting him to sleep, but it broke my heart to see and hear him in the amount of pain that he was in.  I held him one of the serval times we pulled over when he had a seizure and told him how much joy he brought us.  He fought so hard and tried so badly to beat was happening to him. When we were at the vet he was so drained and then a wave of pain would hit him and he would start crying again. Brett felt horrible he said if it wasn't for us he wouldn't  have lived as long as he did. When Katie died last February it devastated Beau.  He lost 5 pounds in a week and a half and ended up with Diabetes and Cushings as a result.

We refused to lose two dogs, so we were at the Animal Hospital almost everyday for 2 months to get him back. Brett told us then that he was so glad that we were fighting for him to live.  Beau gave us so much love and I was trying to give him the life he deserved. He was very special to us and is so loved and missed,

Mark & Misty




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