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Odin Carlson

April 17, 2019

An Ode to Odin~

Odin came into this world on March 7, 2017. Our neighbors had a litter. My husband had lost his black lab two years ago. It left a whole in his heart. He was finally at a point he felt he could allow another dog into his life. He saw the ad for the neighbors lab puppies and we went over to look at them. Odin chose Brandon. His eyes were not yet opened and he snuggled in Brandon's beard. We named him Odin after the Viking Mythological God. Brandon has Sweedish heritage so we thought it was a good fit. Odin was a spoiled puppy. He slept in the crook of my neck. He grew to be 95 lbs and still felt he could fit there.

We both worked long hours so we a got a border collie puppy when Odin was a few months old. Oh man..those two loved each other from the get go. It was really cute to watch them play and snuggle. They had their sibling squabbles, but usually that was only when Odin having no personal space, would sit on Jasper in the backseat of the truck. Odin and Jasper loved flying through the forest.We loved taking them to two color campsite to swim. Sticks being throw and swimming in the summer sun. Brandon and I took them fishing and Brandon called Odin his "good luck fishing dog". The first time Odin saw a fish on the hook he wanted to grab it off the hook. I wondered what he was thinking when Brandon held the fishing pole. He would look at him and his expression was " Hey Dad throw the stick" They also loved winter and a few times we let them run at Grande Rhode Lake with several feet of snow. Odin and Jasper would get the zoomies at night and once they were running around so hard they flew into the couch and Odin hit the window and broke it. He didn't fall out because of the storm windows. Thank goodness.

Odin was very much Brandon's dog but he was also my shadow. He had to touch me when we were in bed. If touching is lying over you or literally laying his head on my face. Brandon and I struggled with covers every night. I always said I would get better sleep if he wasn't in bed with me, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Odin will be missed by our 2 year old Grandson. Odin ever the lab wanting food loved sitting by the high chair. Odin was a handsome lab. Big head and noble face. He had dark amber eyes that would reach through my soul. He loved people and was a big goofball. Tragically he snuck out and loving to run he was struck by a car on 4/17/2019. A day that broke our hearts again. We will miss him so much. He brought us much joy and laughter. I am sure he went full steam ahead to the rainbow bridge to his Valhalla.

Adjo Sweet Odin

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